Hello, this site is starting to get less empty.

I'll just use it as a form of log what I do with this machine.

Since the sd-card broke, most of the measurement data is gone. And it'll take some time to get everything up and running again.
Got everything fixed and back up to how I like, and oo nelly, is an SSD for a Pi fast!
I bought a Pimoroni heatsink case, which only increases working temperature...
I also got a different USB-sata adapter, which does not work for the boot SSD.
To test these things I had to shutdown the Pi. Which led to a numerous amount of breaks. Including: IPv6 (which induced failure in nginx, synapse), IPTables, Wireguard. I don't know the cause at the time of this rant.
Haven't fixed those things yet but I did set up Jitsi, had to reconfigure some Java RAM parameters to allocate less ram. There's also a port conflict between something internal to Jitsi and Prometheus (both 9091).
I've tried to set up the authentication with Jitsi but that just borked for some reason, and at that moment couldn't be arsed to fix it.
ZNC has also been shut down because I rarely use IRC (although I should) and I feel like running a ZNC for almost no reason is a bit against the IRC mindset. If I need to use IRC I'll just connect directly via Weechat! Oh and ZNC randomly disconnects a zillion times for no particular reason at all..?
I've also recently made my shutters an IoT device. Used an esp32 and 2 relays to control power and direction to the motor. The esp32 connects to wifi to the MQTT server on here and listens for messages to go up or down for a certain amount of time!
I moved my some stuff around in my room and the pi now lives between 2 desktop computers, one being my proxmox server for testing various things, and another being a FreeBSD system with ZFS. Furthermore I've set up Pleroma so you can now find me on the fediverse!
So the power was out for half a day here, it was scheduled but they didn't really announce exactly when they were going out. So as tradition, when this Pi reboots things break, and this time NPM seemed to have completely dissapeared from the filesystem. I got no idea what caused this or if I'm just losing my mind....
Reinstalling node worked, weirdly enough?
Jitsi's domain broke, couldn't renew it and changing the domain name was too much work so I just killed it
In other news, some hardware failure, the BME280 in the solar box broke for unexplicable reasons...
So done with so much crap. Updated pleroma and it just broke, just doesn't start anymore, I try reinstalling it, breaks when initialising the database or something, wtf, idk same steps work perfectly fine on an amd64 system, so it's on their end, but as no-one responds to me in the #pleroma irc on freenode, guess I'm on my own in a federated world
Everything breaks, damnit

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